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Are you constantly talking with your friends or family about planning an incredible trip together? Busy schedules, demanding jobs, and active social lives can often get in the way of sitting down and actually making this dream a reality. That’s where HD Travel comes in. Our talented team of experienced travelers will make planning your next trip a stress-free process and remove this from your never ending “to-do” list!

What we offer:

  • A personalized website for your group with comprehensive information on everything you need to know before traveling.
  • A secure online payment system that enables people to make individual payments at their own convenience (Goodbye to the days of one person fronting a large amount of $$ and attempting to square up with everyone through Venmo later!).
  • The convenience of having your flight, hotel accommodations, and airport transfers organized and coordinated for your group.
  • Excellent customer service from experienced travel professionals throughout your trip planning process.
  • Opportunities to personalize your trip with cocktail parties, room upgrades, exclusive events and more!

Our expertise goes far beyond high school and college spring break trips. No matter what your group may be, we’re here to help you start planning today!