“Everything was organized and very professionally done. Thank you HD for a great memory. Everyone from HD was easy to approach and available to answer any questions or concerns. You guys were available at all times. Text and email and were returned back fast. Definitely would recommend. Great trip. Thank you for everything you did for us.”

– Grosse Pointe North High School Mom

“I will recommend you to everyone looking for a travel company!!!! I highly recommended you to the next year’s Romeo group leader. I told all of next year’s parents not to hesitate going with HD Travel. Thank you for providing such great service. You were great from the very first phone call to the end of our trip. I am very grateful!!!”

– Romeo High School Mom

“I thought HD staff was easily accessible and that you did a wonderful job accommodating the hundreds and hundreds of people you had with you down there! Especially Allie!! Very enjoyable trip for my first child doing a senior outing. I believe our family will see you next year with child number two, and two more children in the future!”

– The Driscoll Family

“The staff at HD travel was very professional and helpful at all steps of this process. The booking process was effortless with HD Travel. My first trip with a travel agency and I was very pleased with everything you did. Thank you for a fun trip.”

– Rochester Adams High School Dad

“All of this was possible because of our travel agent, Allie Warren. She made planning super easy. The parents and trip organizer (me) barely had to do anything. I HIGHLY recommend her. She can help plan for big or small groups.”

– Heather G

“I wanted to to share how exemplary my experience has been working with Allie. Her follow through is impeccable, a quality so often missing these days. From the beginning of the process of hoping to get the last two spots on the trip until prior to the trip, Allie was exceptional. I know we often hear when things don’t go well, wanted you to know how much I appreciated this experience. Leaving for punta Cana tomorrow and hoping that our trip is as seamless as my communication with Allie.”

– Jodi B

After a successful 2019 headline trip to Hard Rock Punta Cana, HD Travel conducted the following survey. With a wide range of responses from many our HD Travel guests, we look forward to sharing this diverse and insightful feedback with your future travelers. Read more testimonials and feedback from HD Travelers in this Spring Break 2019 Post-Trip Survey Report!