Now is the perfect time to take a vacation and our Leisure Travel Department Manager is sharing her recent experience traveling to Mexico for a short getaway. 


We arrived at the airport and found our way to the line to check out bags. Though the line was a bit long for international checked baggage, we were through the line in about 20 minutes and on our way to security. 

In both the checked baggage line and the security line, there are stickers placed on the floor to help customers stay six feet apart in line, which everyone was following. All travelers and TSA staff were wearing masks. Once we were through security we made our way to the gate. There were only a few restaurants and stores open near our gate. 


Delta continues to board the plane from the back to the front. First Class and Sky Priority members still board first. In order to prevent customers from crowding in the gate area, they call about four rows at a time to board. As soon as you get on the plane, a flight attendant hands each passenger a packet with a purell wipe. Prior to taking off, the flight attendants made an announcement that masks are required to be worn throughout the entire duration of the flight (besides when eating or drinking) and must cover the nose and mouth. During service, all passengers received a bag with hand sanitizer, a bottle of water, a napkin, and a few snacks. 


Once we landed, the flight attendants made an announcement encouraging passengers to stay in their seats until their row was ready to deplane to avoid clogging up the aisles. Thankfully, all passengers abided and it was a very smooth and quick process. 

After exiting the plane, we were pleased to see that the customs/immigration lines were short and we made it through quickly. During this process, they thermally screen all arriving passengers to check for any temperature at arrival. You walk past cameras and would not notice this unless you were looking for it. At this time, Mexico has no COVID entry requirements and does not require a negative COVID test for entry into the country. 

After this process, we exited the airport and headed to the transportation arrival area. 


As Trafictours is our preferred transportation company in Mexico, we were excited to see their new processes. We found the representative just outside of the airport and checked in for our transfer. We waited just a few minutes before we were taken to our private vehicle for the ride to the resort. Even though we were outside, all staff and the driver wore masks, the driver also kept his mask on for the entire 40 minute ride to the resort. They also offered us hand sanitizer at arrival before boarding the vehicle. 


Upon arrival at the resort, our luggage was sanitized and we stepped on a mat to sanitize our shoes. The check in process at the TRS Coral was very smooth and we were enjoying the resort amenities in no time! The resort has implemented a number of changes to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for guests. All staff wore a mask at all times, regardless of whether they were inside or outside. There were hand sanitizer stations at every entrance as well as the entrances for all restaurants. Resort guests were required to wear masks inside of the restaurants until seated at their table and all menus were available via a QR code or through the resort app. Guest temperatures were also taken when entering all restaurants. 

This adults only resort is absolutely stunning from restaurants to the landscaping and the rooms. We had a swim out room which I would highly recommend! Our room faced the main pool but had lots of trees and lush foliage to provide some privacy. We loved this location because the servers and bartenders at the main pool would come over to our swim out and take our drink and lunch orders. We hardly left our own little private pool! They also have swim out rooms on the other side of the building that face a lagoon for those seeking a more private experience. 

We ate at the Mexican restaurant (La Adelita), the French restaurant (La Boheme), and the Japanese restaurant (Sumptuori). Reservations were required for all restaurants, which your butler can make for you in advance. Every other table was blocked off to allow for social distancing. The food was absolutely amazing! We sat at the sushi bar for dinner on our last night and the sushi chef went off the menu and made us a special platter with five different rolls. I never thought some of the best sushi I would ever have would be in Mexico! 


Our return transfer was on time and very smooth. At the Cancun airport, temperatures were taken and all guests were required to fill out a health form asking if we had been to any other countries and if we had any Covid related symptoms. Everyone was required to show the completed health form before entering the security line. We were through security in no time and on our flight back to Detroit. All of the same protocols on Delta were present on the return flight.



The entire process traveling to Mexico was a breeze. We felt safe with all of the protocols that Delta, the airports, and the resort have put into place. It made for a very relaxing experience and we hope to return to this resort again in the future! 

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