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It has come to our attention that many of the teenage guests in the resort have been causing problems at the Marriott. The resort cannot definitively prove that any specific group is causing the problems and we are not specifically accusing anyone in our groups of causing the problems. The Marriott has reached out to us and asked us to share examples of their concerns with our guests and their plan for managing them moving forward. 

Some examples: 

  • Cursing at staff and not following directions 
  • Yelling or being disrespectful to guests 
  • Chanting in hallways/screaming in hallways
  • Destroying resort property (including tearing room numbers off the wall)   
  • Filling elevators over capacity (max capacity is 4 for social distancing)
  • Not wearing masks in lobby or elevators 
  • Large gatherings 
  • Noise complaints from specific guest rooms 
  • Not wearing proper clothing in lobby 

The Marriott continues to get complaints from guests on property and has needed to compensate them for the poor experience due to the disruptive behavior of others. They feel they have lost control of the situation on property and intend to take action promptly. Many guests have small children or are not traveling for Spring Break and have had poor experiences due to disruptive behavior behavior of others. 

Due to continued issues on site, the Marriott has informed us that they will have a zero tolerance policy moving forward for any inappropriate behavior by any guest at the resort. They will be bringing in extra security and police to assist with enforcement and they will be immediately evicting any guest that behaves in any inappropriate manner without refund. 

We ask that you take the time to have a conversation with your student and ask them to behave during the rest of your stay. Additionally, we ask that you please have a conversation with anyone that booked on their own to ensure they are aware of these concerns as well. If we all work together, we can ensure that the rest of the groups stay is safe and enjoyable. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.